As the operator of this website it is important to me that you know exactly which personal data is collected on this website, how it is processed, and how you can influence it. In particular, I would like to stress that I have no interest in your data.


This website is currently delivered by a server of the German hosting company Uberspace. The server location is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Server logs

The server this website is hosted on does not write any log files. That means that no personal data is written to log files when you visit this website.

Secure data transfer

The data transfer between the server and your browser is securly encrypted using SSL.


No cookies are set on this website.

Statistics and tracking

I renounce any form of web statistics, tracking or fingerprinting.

Exercising your rights

Please get in touch with me if you

  • want to request information about all data stored about your person
  • want to request deletion of all personal data stored about you
  • believe any personal data about you needs to be corrected

As an ultimate means to exercise your control over your personal data, in the EU you may always file a complaint with a data protection authority. I would still prefer to first hear from you personally, though.

Responsible data controller

The responsible data controller for this website is Janina Staub: contact information.